Gaming chips

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Gaming chips are disc-shaped objects that act as money in gambling establishments. In this material we will tell you what are the features of the production of chips, what their denomination depends on, how they are used in various games, what is the role of chips in the casino security system and many other things.
The appearance of chips associated with an attempt to standardize the financial operations of the casino. Features of the manufacture of playing chips are still a trade secret of manufacturers.

Casino Chips History
Chips are a kind of casino currency and greatly simplify many operations related to the financial side of the functioning of gambling establishments. Despite the fact that various types of gambling existed in ancient times, and the first gambling establishments appeared in Venice in the 17th century, chips are a relatively new invention of the casino.
Up until the end of the 19th century, various valuable items that could act as bets were used instead of chips. Sometimes players even used small pieces of gold or silver, coins or fiat money. The development of gambling establishments required the systematization of the mechanism of payments and items with which to bet. Thus, prototypes of the usual modern chips appeared. In high-class gambling establishments, special tokens were made of ivory. However, they were often forged, so the owners of gambling establishments put special markings on the surface – distinctive signs.

In the 1880s there was a revolution in the manufacture of chips. The chips were made of clay, they had the same size, which was achieved through the use of molds. These were the forerunners of modern chips. The main drawback was the impracticality – with careless handling, they quickly broke or lost their presentable appearance. Then the manufacturers began to experiment with the composition of the clay, picking it up so that the chips become more durable.And time passed – and today we have the modern playing chips, which went through such a great way of development.

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